A Comparative Study on Different Routing Protocols

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Preyashi Singh
Kaushik Ghosh


Wireless sensor networks emerged as a significant platform for a wide range of monitoring tasks ranging from environmental to military applications. Its growth is rising and this is the reason why there is a huge field to explore in this area. Sensors depend wholly on their battery for power, which cannot be rejuvenated or substituted. In order to maximize the lifetime of sensor nodes, it is suitable to dispense the energy dissipated all over the wireless sensor network. So the design of energy aware routing protocols is crucial in increasing the network lifetime. This paper gives a detailed review of these three energy efficient protocols- LEACH, TEEN AND SEP. A comparative study of these three protocols has been performed and the results show how TEEN is better than the remaining three protocols in terms of energy and lifetime. Here lifetime is taken in terms of number of dead nodes.

Keywords—WSN, routing protocols, dead nodes.


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