Watermarking using DWT and PCA

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Sonam Rani
Shailja Kumari


This work presents a novel technique for embedding a binary logo watermark into video frames. The proposed scheme is an imperceptible and a robust hybrid video watermarking scheme.pca is applied to each block of the two bands (LL– HH) which result from discrete wavelet transform of every video frame. The watermark is embedded into the principal components of the LL blocks and HH blocks in different ways. Combining the two transforms improved the performance of the watermark algorithm. The scheme is tested by applying various attacks. Experimental results show no visible difference between the watermarked frames and the original frames and show the robustness against a wide range of attacks such as mpeg coding, jpeg coding, Gaussian noise addition ,histogram equalization, gamma correction, contrast adjustment , cropping.

Keywords: DWT, DWPT, NC, PCA, PSNR, RGB.


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