To Enhance Schema on both source and sink location privacy against local eavesdropper on multiple mobile Sources in WSN

Gurwinder Singh, Nitin Bhagat


WSN is fundamental arrangement of different and devoted sensors. These sensors observe and record the physical condition of the surroundings and than manage the collected information at a central location. The open features of wireless communications allows an adversary to detect the location of a source or sink. Finally the adversary capture them by eavesdropping on the node’s transmissions and tracing the path followed by the packets in the network. Thus the location privacy of both the source and sink becomes an important concern in such networks. Earlier researches focus only on the location privacy of the source or sink independently. In this paper, the attacker identifies the hot spot location. It gets the location and id information of all nodes within its range through location based DREAM protocol. It attacks and blocks their communication actions. Our proposed protection scheme provides the attack free surroundings in presence of attacker and also improves the network performance.

Keywords: sensor node, location privacy, eavesdropper, sensor networks, network security

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