A Review on Security Issues in VANET

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Namarpreet Kaur
Aman Arora


Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) are receiving increasing attentions from academia and deployment efforts from industry, due to the various applications and potential tremendous benefits they offer for future VANET users. Safety information exchange enables life-critical applications, such as the alerting functionality during intersection traversing and lane merging, and thus, plays a key role in VANET applications. In a VANET, vehicles will rely on the integrity of received data for deciding when to present alerts to drivers. The communication between car to car, car to roadside unit done through wireless communication. That is why security is an important concern area for vehicular network application. For authentication purpose so many bandwidth is consumed and the performance becomes low. In VANET some serious network attacks such as man in middle attack, masquerading is possible. In this paper we are going to throw some light on the previous researches done in this area and will compare the various drawbacks of these researches. After that we are giving different issues on VANET and finally conclude with proposed algorithm. .


Keywords: Security,Road side unit(RSU), Base Station unit (BSU) , Network Attack , Bandwidth


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