E-Voting System using Android and Web-Based Platform

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Kulkarni Kulkarni
Mangesh Devraj, AjitSingh Chauhan, Anujkumar Pandey
Prof. Smita Chavan


The exponential growth in the newer technologies like electronic gadgets and internet connectivity has led to many advancements in the existing systems and has provided a scope of many more such possible advancements. This research paper provides a detailed idea of the possible implementation of an efficient e-Voting system using web-based platform and also portrays the scope of deploying the idea onto an android platform making an android application that can be used instead of the website for the same known purpose. This idea easily depicts how the voting process can be made much more easy and efficient. This e-voting system promises the safest possible way to cast a vote and the best possible algorithm for calculation of the results. This paper provides the idea of the proposed system in terms of the specifications and requirements of the system. e-Voting basically means the process of voting done through an electronic device like personal computers, laptops or smart phones etc. In the starting, an introduction and brief idea is provided about the proposed system through a general diagram. This section is followed by the concepts, surveys, design and implementation details that would be made use of in the work.

Keywords: e-Voting, Android application, SMS Short Messaging Service, Web-based platform, Cipher key


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