Mobile Cloud Computing: concept, research trends and open issues

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Gaurav Gaurav
Nitesh Kaushik


In this modern era of ubiquitous computing, mobile devices have become a vital part of our day-to-day chores. With the continuous evolution of mobile applications and advantage of portability, these devices have become our primary information processing devices. Despite the ever increasing technological advances, these devices are still not able to go neck-to-neck with the traditional computing infrastructure (such as personal computers, laptop etc.). So, researchers have been stressing upon the resource constraints of mobile devices since long. Mobile Cloud Computing can be seen as an appropriate solution to this problem because of its features like instantaneous scalability, on-demand services, ubiquitous network access. It has been a reverberation in technological scenario in the recent past. This paper presents a review on basic principles, characteristics and the recent research trends in the field.

Keywords: mobile cloud computing, collaborative computing, partitioning, off loading.


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