Proxy Server Experiment and the Behavior of the Web

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Mr.S.V. Gumaste
Dr. V. M. Thakare,Dr. M. U. Kharat, Aditya Patki


Use of proxy server could help in providing adequate access and response time to large numbers of World Wide Web (WWW) users requesting previously accessed page. The result of the study showed that hit ratios of the proxy servers range from 21% to 39% for large organization (More number of Users) 40% to 70% for medium organizations (medium number of users) and over 70% of web pages are dynamic. The study indicates the effectiveness of the proxy server and helps to evaluate the trade-off between money spent on higher bandwidth lower latency connections, versus the cost/performance of using caching intermediary.

Keywords: caching, hit ratios, Miss, DNS Proxy, performance.


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