Study on the Problem of Student Subsidies Assessment Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process Method

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Ni Zhan
Liang Lin, Ting Lou


A fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP) method was proposed to determine the student subsidies assessment. Based on the analysis and investigation of factors affecting colleges and universities assessments and difficulties in this process, 5 first grade indexes, 3 second grade indexes and 13 third grade indexes were conducted to establish the index system for synthesis evaluating project. The AHP method was used to construct the hierarchy relationship with influence factors and set up their hierarchy structures, and the weight of every influence factor was computed based on the proved scale (-2,2) EM AHP and judgment matrix fuzzy sets method. After all grades were acquired by means of investigations and students’ applications, the matrix of the membership comparative degree was calculated by standardization datum. A synthesis assessment model was made to estimate students rank. We use this model to test the student subsidies assessment of a college, then we got the rank forecast is that, first-class precision 72.63%, second-class precision 34.25%, and third-class 60.0%. The results show distinctly that the fuzzy AHP method is valid and feasible to assess the student subsidies in colleges.


Key words: Subsidies assessment; Fuzzy synthesis assessment method; Analytic hierarchy process (AHP); (-2,2) scale method.


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