WI-MAX Requirements and Its Properties

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Shivani khurana


The problem undertaken Quality Of Services is considered as the information travelling on the network, and what kind of services are provided when data is travelling from host to network. It is very important to have congestion free network to have the high bandwidth, less jitter and delay. In the case of WI-Max, it is, done with airwaves or satellite transmission, which provides error prone network. The basic issue is how quality of services can improve. This means how the packet will be send from base station. The issues like bandwidth, jitter, delay, transmission, routing, scheduling are important factors in transmission of packets from sender to destination. Depending on these factors, the results will vary with different parameters like load, mobility, number of hops etc. It is very important to concentrate on design issues of the protocol, because protocol designing covers issues related to scheduling of the packets. It is important that the protocol, which is designed, should concentrate on which layer the quality of services can be improved.


Keywords: Routing, Scheduling, Admission-Control, Bandwidth


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