Querying Fuzzy Object-Oriented Data Based On Fuzzy Association Algebra

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Vu Duc Quang
Prof. Doan Van Ban, Dr.Ho Cam Ha


Along with the developing fuzzy object-oriented data models for an expression and a processing of uncertain and imprecise data, the
fuzzy data query languages should also be studied, is built to perform data queries in the fuzzy data models flexibly and certainly. Fuzzy
association algebra is considered as a query algebra for fuzzy object-oriented data models. In this article, based on possibility distribution and the
semantic measure of fuzzy data and equivalence degree of two objects, we propose a more general way to define truth values of fuzzy
association patterns which mean the degree of suitability of patterns as answers for the queries. In addition, we present an illustrative example of
querying fuzzy object oriented data based on fuzzy association algebra.



Keyword: Truth value, fuzzy association algebra, fuzzy OODB, association pattern, equivalence degree.


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