Noise Removal from Mammographic Image based on Mean and Median Filtering Techniques.

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G. N. Sarage
Dr. Sagar S Jambhorkar


A medical image is never an exact representation of the object under observation; it is always corrupted by degradations during acquisition and within the imaging system itself. These include noise, blurring and distortion. Noise removal is an important and challenging issue in digital image processing. Various filtering techniques have been developed to solve the noise removal problems, but most of them require deep expert knowledge to design appropriate image filters. These filtering techniques have their own assumptions, advantages and disadvantages. This paper proposes mean and median filtering techniques for the removal of noise from the mammographic medical image. Proposed method applied for noise removal problems. In terms of statistical quantity measures such as MSE, RMSE, PSNR, AD, the results show the superiority of the proposed method.


Keywords: Medical Image, Degradation, Acquisition, Filtering, Noise, MSE, PSNR, RMSE, AD.


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