An Information Retrieval Framework for Cloud Computing Environment

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Arti Gupta
Sanjib Kumar Sahu


Cloud computing has gained significant attraction in recent years as it has provide many services as Paas, Iaas, Saas, Caas (Communication) and Daas (Storage) which has increased the use of IT services in the industry and also helpful in monetarily issues. Companies such as Google, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft have been building massive data centers over the past few years. These data centers tend to be built out of large number of computers managed by these companies, with a large amount of servers which tend to be extremely voluminous. The challenge is to provide integrity and security in a framework. In the light of above discussion this paper tries to develop delve deep into area such as framework for data centers to retrieve information without redundant data, its role and relevance to achieve security and integrity. To an extend we have also analyzed the recent research regarding data centers of clouds . All in all this paper present top Paas providers, recent work, a proposed data framework and its analysis for future computing environment.


Keywords: Cloud computing, Information Retrieval System, Data model, Framework.


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