An Improved Cognition based Authentication Scheme Using PassScript

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Raj Mohammed Mohd
Dr. C.Shoba Bindu, Dr. D.Vasumathi


The fundamental goal of the usable security research is providing the usability to the user without compromising the security of the system. This paper discusses a novel cognition based graphical authentication method, which is resilient against to shoulder-surfing attacks proposed by us [16]. In this paper, we have used the regional script Telugu as Password instead of Pass icon in order to improve the usability of the user. This paper mainly focuses on the people, who know their regional language and not universal language. It also enhance the security of the system by avoiding different kinds of attacks on Passwords. We compare and analyses proposed scheme with existing schemes. This paper gives a momentum for the Usable security with User’s persuasion taken in to consideration.



Keywords: Cognitive Passwords, User Authentication, PassScript, Usability and Security


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