Operational Ideology of SE-MABKM for Prop up of Software Engineering

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Ripu R. Sinha
Dr C.S Lamba


Knowledge management is widely recognized as a critical issue in any kind of organization. It has to do with structuring information, ensuring that it is available to all potential users, easily accessible, and presented in such a way that all data relevant to the requesting users are effectively returned in a reasonable amount of time. When dealing with such issues one technology that comes in handy consists of Multi agents. Agents may be software components featuring some nice properties that prove quite helpful to perform routine tasks, which are normally carried out by human users. Whereas, in digital world where everything is inter-dependent on the software its principle and application. But, software engineering are changing dynamically manner due to global working environment. These environment lead’s a problem to manage knowledge in-front of knowledge communities. For that we are proposing a MABKM model for knowledge communities that will worked as a solution for Knowledge communities. In This paper we are elaborating the MABKM Model and their working principle within a phased manner. First we will start from various issues in knowledge management then after a approach of knowledge management based on the agents that will known as MABKM. Then after integrating this MABKM Model into Software Engineering organizational life cycle then we get a model that will known as SEMABKM ( i.e Support of software engineering based on the multi agent based Knowledge management principle. operational ideology of SE-MABKM and finally we will compare it with real software engineering environment.





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