Recognition of Hand movements to move cursor

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Mr. Swapnil M. Gulhane
Mr. A. S. Alvi


This paper presents a new approach for recognition of Hand Movements. Humans and computers have interacted primarily through devices that are constrained by wires. Typically, the wires limit the range of movement and inhibit freedom of orientation. In addition, most interactions are indirect. The user moves a device as an analogue for the action in the display space. We envision an untethered interface that accepts gestures directly and can accept any objects the user chooses for interaction. This approach is used for controlling cursor movement using a real-time camera it will remove hardware dependencies like mouse. Our method is to use a camera and computer vision technology, such as image segmentation and gesture recognition, to control mouse tasks (left and right clicking, double-clicking, and scrolling) and we show how it can perform everything current mouse devices can. This paper shows how to build this mouse control system.



Keywords- Convex Hull algorithm. Image processing, Segmentation algorithm, Morphology alogorithm


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