A Novel Approach Text Secure Steganography using Cheating Text by Genetic Operators Crossover

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Dr. Ch. Rupa
B. Sai Jyothi,Dr. P. S. Avadhani, V. Sowjanya


Sending the data securely in the communication channel is exigent task. While transmitting the various text documents through communication channels there have been used different methods for hiding the information in the text (Text Steganography). This paper proposes a new method for embedding the original text in a cover text. In this, the ciphertext of the secret message is embedded instead of the secret message directly. Genetic operator crossover method is used for encrypting the original text. Cheating text method is used for embedding the ciphertext into the Cover text. By using generic operator crossover (GOC) and cheating text methodology, security can be improved and will have a perfect perceptual transparency. And it does not make any apparent changes in the original text.


Keywords: Genetic Operator Cross over (GOC), Cheating text, Text Steganography, Cover text, Secret message


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