Economic Load Dispatch Using Genetic Algorithm

Jatin Garg, Pooja Khatri, Aziz Ahmad


An efficient optimization procedure based on genetic algorithm is proposed for the solution of economic load dispatch (ELD) problem
with continuous and non smooth/non convex cost function and with various constraints being considered. The effectiveness of the proposed
algorithm has been demonstrated on different systems considering the transmission losses effect in thermal units. The proposed algorithm is
equipped with an effective constraint handling technique, which eliminates the need for penalty parameters. Economic load dispatch is one of
the optimization problems in power systems. This paper presents genetic algorithm for economic load dispatch and is expressed as one of the
Lagrange function. The proposed GA may be applied to minimize the Lagrange functions with respect to the generator unit output. The
effectiveness of the proposed method is illustrated in IEEE 5 bus systems.



Keywords: Genetic Algorithm, ELD, thermal units, optimization, GA

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