Sunil Kumar Jangir, Naveen Hemrajani


In this world of technology, it is important to provide security and to find the loopholes present in the network. There are two types of networks – wired network and wireless network. Wireless network is more vulnerable to attacks as compared to the wired networks as a number of nodes are never fixed in wireless network. Any node can come and join the network as well as any node can leave the network. This paper includes conclusions of some Denial of Service attacks and their effect on the MANETs, How they attack and which methodology they adopt. This paper mainly focuses on proposing a new attack which can cause severe harm to the network. This attack inhibits the strategy of two main attacks –BlackHole and Wormhole attack. This attack actually works in collaboration with some internal nodes which will work for a malicious node and will help that node in causing disruption to the network. In particular, this paper describes all the weak areas of a network that can be targeted by this new attack.


MANET; DOS ;Security Attacks

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