N. vijay kumar, S. Vahini


Women play vital roles in our society from their birth to the end of life. In the past few years, crime against women has increased to a great extent. According to the survey it is found that 84 per cent of the women who experienced harassment were in the age group of 25 to 35 years, who are mostly full-time workers and students. Most of the women also don’t concentrate on their health due to their busy schedule. Women safety and security is a serious and biggest social issue and most importantly hurting the half population of the country in all aspects which needs to be solved urgently. Since no one can respond aptly in critical situations, we propose a smart intelligent device which automatically senses information and helps women in “Every single step of life”. The device is the integration of multiple devices comprises of a wearable smart-band and a secret webcam connected via Bluetooth which continuously tracks the information and communicates with smart phones that has access to the internet. The application is programmed and embedded in such a way that tracks information of the women such as call log, messages, movement, pulse measurement, blood oxygen levels, heart beat rating and records continuously in the internet. When SOS present in smart band is pressed continuously it automatically generates signals to the predefined smart phones and nearest police station along with location coordinates and the secret webcam in the locket captures the culprit photo which is directly uploaded to the server.


Women play vital roles in our society from their birth to the end of life. In the past few years,

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v8i9.4915


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