Implementation of Parallel Multichannel Communications using Stop-and-Wait ARQ

V.Ravi kumar, Sridhar.K, T.P.Shekar


In a parallel multichannel data communication system the stop-and-wait Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) protocol for parallel
channels with an in-sequence delivery guarantee is used for error control. Under the assumption that all channels have the same transmission rate
but possibly different time-invariant error rates, we evaluate the probability generating function of the resequencing buffer occupancy and the
probability mass function of the resequencing delay. Then, by assuming the Gilbert–Elliott model for each channel the probability mass
functions of the resequencing buffer occupancy and the resequencing delay for time-invariant channels are computed. From numerical and
simulation results, the mean resequencing buffer occupancy and the mean resequencing delay as functions of system parameters are analyzed.
The modeling technique and analytical approach used in this paper can be applied to the performance evaluation of other ARQ protocols over
multiple time-varying channels.



Keywords: In-sequence Delivery, Multichannel Data communications, Resequencing buffer occupancy, Resequencing Delay, SW-ARQ

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