Developing Embedded Systems Using Embedded C with Atmel Atmega2560 Microcontroller (MCU)

Upendra Singh, Surabhi Agrawal


In these days embedded systems can seen everywhere around us ranging from small electronic gadgets to big industrial machine. Embedded systems are microcontroller based systems used for performing specific task. In this work we are proposing methodology to develop embedded system with Atmel ATmega2560 Microcontroller (MCU) using Embedded C for programming. ATmega2560 is a low power CMOS 8-bit MCU of 100 pins which uses 86 pins out of 100 pins as I/O pins as user interface which makes it more feasible to complex embedded systems. This series features low ultra power consumption which making it best choice for IoT applications and it offers a widest range of devices which enables reuse of code and knowledge with different projects and software tools.


ATmega2560, CMOS, RISC, Atmel, Embedded C, AVR Studio, AVR Bootloader

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