Study of Managing Traffic Performance in Converged Networks

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Shaikh Abdul Azeem
Dr. Satyendra Kumar Sharma


Universally major network engineers have incorporated network convergence into their strategy to grow service revenues and minimize actual capital and operating costs Convergence occurs in applications, in network control, in the higher transport layer, as well as in the access network. This convergence of networks means that various types of traffic flows, which have been carried by separate specialized networks, now share the resources of a single IP-based network. In the access, the trends are towards wireless convergence as well as convergence of various wireless access technologies. Network convergence will be successful only if the quality of the individual s- vices is maintained in the new network environment without undue increased costs. The quality of service delivery is critically dependent on how network performance and availability, as experienced by the traffic flows, are managed. It is very critical to manage traffic in converged network. It requires network planning, resources planning and so, we are focusing on the managing traffic performance in converge network in converge by interacting convergent and divergent forces.

Keywords: convergent, divergent, converged networks, Sniffer, Tracker, IP Convergence, Post Convergence


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