Fuzzy Logic Application To Predict The Size Quality of White Oyster Mushroom With Temperature, Light Intensity and Humidity Inputs

Yulianti Paula Bria, Emerensiana Ngaga, Piva Olviana B


Controlling temperature, humidity and light intensity are very important in the process of white oyster mushroom cultivation.
Temperature control with conventional process or manually will be less effective because of the oyster mushroom cultivation need more
attention of the temperature and humidity in the cultivation space remains stable at temperatures range between 16-28 degrees Celsius, humidity
60-90 percent, and the intensity light dark minimal 500-1000 lux to produce mushrooms with a maximum size. Reasoning method used is
Mamdani and Mean of Maximum method for defuzzification process, with Netbeans and Java as programming language with MySQL as
database. The results from this study is an application to help predict the range of temperature, humidity and light intensity for getting optimum
condition for increase the white oyster mushroom production with maximum size.

Keywords: fuzzy logic; white oyster mushroom, Mamdani, Mean of Maximum, temperature, light intensity, humidity

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v7i5.2712


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