A Study On Energy Efficient Remote Storage And Processing In Dynamic Network

Karthik P, Nandini N,Roopa Shree S, Rajeshwari B S


Even though there are advances in hardware technology for mobile devices, the challenges on resource constrained applications such as video processing still remains unconsidered because they require huge computation and large storage capacity. Also today mobile devices rely on services that require simple connectivity and more complex processing. Fortunately, a mobile device sometimes encounters many entities which entitle to offload its computational resources. At one end, research work has been attempted to address these issues by connecting mobile devices to the cloud, where resources maintained by service provider and at other end mobile devices connected to peer mobile devices, where resources maintained by another mobile. Now mobile devices deployed under dynamic network i.e., with frequent topology changes. However the challenges of energy efficiency and reliability remain unaddressed. In this paper, different framework and techniques proposed by different authors for addressing the challenges such as computation and storage capacity for resource constrained applications on mobile devices and further energy efficiency, fault tolerance and reliability on mobile devices deployed under dynamic network are discussed.


Keywords: Cloud Computing, Mobile Cloud Computing, Dynamic Network, Energy Efficiency

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v7i3.2680


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