Evaluation of the Non-Functional Requirements of Usability: A Systematic Study

Mohammad Ayaz Ahmad, IngMarelis V. Pérez García, Ing. YordanVelez Rodríguez


Every day more companies and organizations insist not only on the quality of the processes that are followed in software development, but also on the quality of the products purchased and / or developed. The quality of software is perceived mainly by the flaws found in the prod-uct and by gravity they represent for their business. These failures directly affect the quality of non-functional requirements, which are mostly overlooked during the life cycle of software development. In this paper presents an investigation to determine the degree of importance of the non-functional requirements, especially for the case of usability. For this was used as a research method literature review in journals and digital libraries coming from Cuban institutions, using the CORE and Journal Citation Report (JCR) methods for evaluating of quality of publications, that from the definitions of chains of searches, a questionnaire of objective and subjective questions, criteria of inclusion and exclusion, obtained excellent publications for the exhaustive study.Finally the results of the study are analyzed and the conclusive criterion is emitted on the found results.

Keywords: usability,non-functional requirements,quality

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v7i3.2669


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