Secured and Controlled Network Traffic with Load Balancing Using IP-Tables and ISP Segmentation

Talwinder kaur, Dr. Mohita Mohita


Load balancing is important for efficient flow of data in networking environment. IPTables are used to allocate routing paths for data packets to be transferred. A secure network is ensured using firewall (a network security device) to protect the internal systems from hackers on the internet. IPTables are a good packet filtering firewall. All packets inspected by IPTables are processed through a sequence of built-in tables each one inspecting the packets to perform some specific action. The aim of this research is to implement IPTable scripts to control the traffic over network and secured transmission of data packets for VPN connection. This is a cheapest method to control the traffic, in this work two ISP’s are used to analyze the traffic flow. Data transferred and respective times are the parameters used to measure the performance and analyze the traffic before and after balancing the load over network. It is always better to balance the load using Internet Service providers. Firstly, this will decrease the chances of failover. Secondly, even if single ISP is there even then we can differentiate it into two parts through segmentation, which results in better utilization bandwidth.

Keywords: load balancing, IPSec, ISP, VPN, IP Tables.

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