Development of Distributed Monitoring Framework

Harikesh Singh, Dr. Shishir Kumar


The problem of network intrusion has been tried to solve by many different approaches. Packet sniffing is one of the most simplistic
approaches. In this rapidity growing technological world where system safety questioned by different network intrusions is growing per minute,
network monitors help solve these problems of unwanted having and problems arising from the periodical failure in the working of wiring and
protocols due to their complication. Network monitor can be connected to the network to analyze what is happening and attempt to identify the
cause of the problem. “Monitoring data on internet” is used to develop a log file of packet contents that are transferred between two different
systems connected via a local area network. Their average data transfer rate and other details are analyzed by the software. Installing our
software the system is aimed to act like an approximate network monitor in some contexts as it helps in evaluation of data flow from system. It
can be successfully used for capturing data transfers between your PCs and any other network resource.


Keywords: distributed system, distributed monitoring, network, data transfer, performance monitoring

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