Energy Efficient Optimized Hybrid Approach for Time Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks

Neeta S. Bosamiya, Devesh C. Jinwala,


Hybrid Approach for synchronizing time in wireless sensor network was formulated to overcome the drawbacks of the frequently used
approaches for time synchronization namely “sender to receiver” and “receiver to receiver”. A Hybrid approach is based on the creation of tree
structure of nodes before synchronizing nodes in the network. After surveying the traditional approaches we optimize the Hybrid approach to
combine the creation of tree structure of nodes along with its synchronization. The optimized approach reduces the message communication and
energy consumption of nodes. Simulations of the proposed approach under different scenarios amply demonstrate the improved performance of
the same in terms of message transfer and energy consumption, as compared to the other peer approaches.


Keywords: Wireless sensor networks, Time Synchronization, sender to receiver approach, Receiver to receiver approach, Hybrid Approach

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