A Proposed Model to Analyze the Performance of Wireless Local Area Network With the Use of Control Frames

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Mamta Garg
Navjot Sidhu


Control frames are the traffic cops of the 802.11 network, assisting with the delivery of data and management frames. Physical carrier sensing is performed constantly by all stations that are not transmitting and receiving. When a station performs a physical carrier sense, it is actually listening to the channel to see whether any transmitters are taking up the channel. Request to send (RTS) and clear to send (CTS) frames are used to enhance the virtual carrier sense process. In this paper, performance of WLAN is analyzed under the control frames and statistics such as Load, Throughput, Delay, Media Access Delay, HTTP Page Response Time, HTTP Object Response Time, FTP Download Response Time, FTP Upload Response Time are presented with the help of OPNET IT Guru 9.1 Environment.

Keywords: Control Frames, WLAN, RTS, CTS, HTTP, FTP, OPNET.


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