On the Design of A URL Capturing Tool for Monitoring Enterprise Networks

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Longe, O.B
Adebimpe, L.A


The power of computer networks enhances user experience to access distributed resources but places a toll on user security in a networked environment. Securing networks in corporate settings and on client systems are becoming more complex and definitely require the provision of more robust methodologies for personal and organizational use. Using the Java programming language and window Packet capturing API (Winpcap) we developed a URL capturing tool (acting as a packet sniffer application) that is able to support protocols with monitoring capability on Networks. Usage monitoring is achieved by capturing packets and extracting vital information from them. The intention is to provide administrators information on URL trails on a platform that can work in tandem with most network protocols in order to limit the complexity of packet monitoring and ensure low packet loss rate.


Keywords: Filter, Packets, Networks, Security, URL


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