Frequency Based Structural Analysis for Document Plagiarism

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Santosh Kumar Gupta
Anurag Rai, Pranav Singh


The introduction of World Wide Web and the increasing standardization of electronic documents have led to information being easily available on the Internet. This has led to a greater incidence of plagiarism in every aspect of life. Easier availability of research papers, books, technical and non-technical papers, etc. are the easiest source for making plagiarized documents. Therefore it becomes a very daunting task to detect plagiarism, particularly when an attempt is made to disguise the plagiarism, i.e., using different words to put forward the same idea. This paper uses keywords based matching to detect plagiarism. The method is based on the making of the decision tree then performing structural analysis of the complete document followed by comparison of subsection of the document along with the frequency of word.

Keywords: Plagiarism, Keywords Based Matching, Decision Tree, Structural Analysis


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