Evolution of Object Oriented Analysis & Design in Software Engineering

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Amit Kumar Shrivastava
Sanjiv Kumar Shriwastava, Rohit Sharma


In this paper Object Oriented Analysis, Object Oriented Design, Object Oriented and evolution of Object Oriented Analysis & Design is described. The Conventional methodologies like structured and Martin information engineering is explained. The importance of OOAD and evolution is aimed for this paper. The purpose, benefits, design of OOAD is explained. Comparison of popular OO languages and Programming object oriented concepts is also described in the paper, Case study of Banking is used to simplify the object oriented analysis & design. Process based studies also span multiple disciplines including, but not limited to, OO design procedural design/programming and weaving design. Studies of creativity have taken place in the less formally structured domains such as graphic design and industrial design rather than more structured software-engineering disciplines. The improving OO related training relies on understanding the cognitive skills and activities that are applied in practice when a designer translates his or her formal knowledge of the paradigm into working knowledge applied in a specific design situation using OOAD.


Keywords: Object Oriented Analysis, Object Oriented Design, Object Oriented, Evolution Object Oriented Analysis & Design


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