Design & Development of a New and Efficient Approach for Line Text Editing in Turbo C for Windows/Netware/MS-DOS*

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K. J. Satao


Text editors come in the forms viz. Line editors, Stream editors, Screen editors, Word processors, Structure editors, etc. There are many text editors provided with Windows viz. Notepad, WordPad, Microsoft Office Word, etc. The MS-DOS editors viz. EDLIN and EDIT also work in Windows. MS-DOS had very good word processors viz. Word Star, Word Perfect, etc. All the editors which work in MS-DOS, also work in the Novell’s Netware OS as well. But none of the above editors is interactive. The process of entering the programs/text shall be greatly enhanced, for the newcomers, if the editor is an interactive one. This paper gives the design & development of a new and efficient approach for line text editing, the most basic and fundamental editing, in Turbo C for Windows/Netware/MS-DOS OS. It is proposed to give a new, interactive, and more user friendly approach to line text editing for document / non document(program) files using singly-linked lists. A menu driven program is designed and developed which works like an IDE, Integrated Development Environment, available in most of the programming languages viz. Turbo C, Turbo Pascal, etc . The program displays all the options and once a user chooses a particular option, he is prompted further interactively. The program is fully tested on Windows XP, with total RAM = 256 MB and shall work efficiently on Novell’s Netware and MS-DOS as well. This research work has, in all, twenty eight options and is academically(not available in any book) very useful for the Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology disciplines.


Keywords: Authoring tools and methods; Computer-mediated communication; Human-computer interface; Interactive learning environments; Programming and programming languages.


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