A Study on Optimization Techniques and Query Execution Operators That Enhances Query Performance

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Tejy Johnson
Dr.S.K. Srivatsa


Now a day’s Query Optimization is a key technology for every application from operational systems to data warehouse and from analytical systems to content management systems. Query Optimization is of great importance for the performance of a relational database, especially for the execution of complex SQL statements. The performance of database systems is critically dependent upon the efficiency of Optimization techniques and Query Execution Operators. Thus we present a detailed study of the various Optimization techniques and Query execution Operators that helps to enhance the query performance. A survey of the available work into this field is also given. This detailed study helps to choose an Optimization strategy that best suits your query environment. This study facilitates the enhancement of query performance by determining the best optimization strategy and helping us to build a query optimizer model. In this paper we focus on the various Optimization techniques, Components of query optimizer and the Query execution operators that are used for the enhancement of query performance.

Keywords: Query Optimization, Query Optimizer, Query Optimization Techniques, Query Execution Operators and Optimization Strategy


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