Performance Evaluation of Relation between Image Compression and Quality Factor in case of JPEG Image Compression

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Dr. Jyoti Mahajan
Richa Sharma,Uzma Nazir, Anu Sharma


Advances over the past decade in many aspects of digital technology - especially devices for image acquisition, data storage, and bitmapped printing and display - have brought about many applications of digital imaging. However, these applications tend to be specialized due to their relatively high cost. Use of digital images often is not viable due to high storage or transmission costs, even when image capture and display devices are quite affordable. JPEG is the most frequently applied/used image compression technique in today’s world. This paper presents an efficient image compression approach based on JPEG image compression. We have developed an application based on VB.NET for converting and compressing images in JPEG format. Using this application we finally propose a relation between image quality with the amount of image compression.

Keywords: Compression, Peak signal-to-noise ratio, Discrete Cosine Transform, Quantization, Encoding.


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