Using Index Table to Query Optimization: B-Tree Index, Bitmap Index and Function-Based Index

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Chanchai Supaartagorn


Query optimization is the component of a database management system that attempts to determine the most efficient way to execute a query. One of the techniques to optimize the query is to use an indexing table. This article proposes the concept of a B-Tree index, a Bitmap index and a Function-based index. Our comparative study of 3 techniques show the results are as follows: the B-Tree index is efficient for high-cardinality attributes. This index is not suitable for complex queries. The Bitmap index is only efficient for low-cardinality attributes. It is useful in processing complex queries. This index improves complex query performance by applying a Boolean operator. The Function-based index allows the creation of index on expression and internal function.

Keywords: Query optimization; Indexing table; B-Tree index; Bitmap index; Function-based index


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