GBA- An Efficient Method for Fixed Channel Allocation in Cellular Network

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Ankit Goyal
Sanjiv Kumar Tomar


In our cellular network system the network is divided into multiple cells and each cell is having a limited frequency band allocated to it. There are a number of users who access this frequency band through channels. Since the frequency band is limited, it becomes a difficult task to assign a channel to a user when there are too many user and all the channels in the cell are busy. So the main objective of the mobile operators is to utilize the available frequency band as much as possible. This can be done by the frequency reuse. In this paper we are providing a method GBA (Grouping Based Allocation) to assign the channels to the users using the reservation criteria. Means users and the channels are divided into multiple groups. Division of the users is done by the average call duration of the mobile users and according to the users the channels are also classified. So channels in a group are reserved for a particular group of users. In this process we are considering four groups for a cell. The method is effective since it tries to reduce the blocking of calls.

Keywords: Channel Allocation, Call Duration, Call Blocking


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