Performance Evaluation of Mobile Transaction Models

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Veenu Saini


In order to support the development of mobile transaction processing system, there exist some requirements that a mobile transaction processing system must face. These requirements not only focus on customizing the transaction properties, but also take into account other challenging characteristics of mobile transactions such as mobility of transactions, heterogeneity, disconnected and distributed transaction processing. There are many mobile transaction models, analyzing tools and transaction processing systems that have been proposed and developed to support mobile transaction processing. However, there are still major limitations, especially to support both the disconnected processing and the mobility of transactions. In this paper I provide performance evaluation of existing mobile transaction model with the requirements of transaction processing system that are ACID properties, mobility, disconnected and distributed execution and heterogeneity. I believe that these results have significant implications for designing or proposing a mobile transaction model.

Keywords: transaction processing, ACID properties, mobility, heterogeneity


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