Bandwidth Secure VPN Using PRA with QOS

S.M.Krishna Ganesh, Dr.S.Venkatesan Jeya Kumar, A.Siles Balasingh


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides end users with a way to privately access information on their network over a public network infrastructure such as internet. the data packets are transmitted across a public routed network, such as internet that simulates a point-to-point connection. The basic structure of the virtual circuit is to create a logical path from the source port to the destination port. We proposed a new algorithm “Provisioned Restorable algorithm” (PRA) to achieve better quality of service by combining the provision and restoration algorithms. Our algorithm used to meet the bandwidth requirements specified by customers in virtual private networks

Keywords: VPN, Hose model, Bandwidth, K shortest path, restoration, provisioning and optimization.

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