Sowmya M.C., Shish Ahmad, Dr. Preetam Suman


Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) comprises of self-organized mobile nodes, which communicate wirelessly without any fixed infrastructure.Congestion is one of the most common factors that affects functioning of MANET. When congestion encounters in the network the victim nodesfail to transmit the data, in turndeteriorates the network throughput. Appropriate congestion control algorithm is necessary in controlling the congestion, which reduces the load over the network, utilize the resources efficiently and provide a congestion free path for transmission of data.The Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) protocol, one of the popular routing protocols defined for MANET, enables dynamic, self-starting, multihop routing between participating mobile nodes wishing to establish and maintain an ad hoc network. As AODV protocol is not adaptive to congestion, several researchers have suggested upgradations in the AODV protocolto control the congestion.This review paper aims to deliberate about some of the bettercongestion avoidance and control mechanisms for MANET using AODV Protocol by different researchers, their comparative analysis and performance assessment.




MANET, Congestion, Congestion control, AODV protocol.

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