The Simplest Way of Presenting PCA Algorithm To Recognize Face

Sukhvinder Singh, Meenakshi Sharma, Dr. N.Suresh Rao


Here, in this paper, we have done the study of all the work and research done on the face recognition till date with PCA algorithm The
face recognition is the key process for the security reasons. The face recognition process implementation cam solve the cheating done during the
attendance, during login, during transaction and many other fields. Face Recognition is a field of multidimensional applications. A lot of work
has been done, extensively on the most of details related to face recognition. The process involved consists of face segmentation, feature
extraction and finally recognition or identification. The task of face recognition is complicated by factors such as variations in facial expressions,
changes in illumination and the orientation of the face of the subject. Also, affecting the accuracy of identification is the background and the
inherent noise present during image acquisition.



Keywords: Face recognition, PCA, Symbols.

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