Ant Colony Optimization for Replica Management in Distributed Spanning Tree Modeled Peer Network

P. Victer Paul


Data replication is a common and vital approach to reduce the access latency and network traffic in large distributed systems. Global Replica Management (GRM) is the technique to maintain data consistent throughout the network which is very much required in all applications that support multi-peer collaborative works. But GRM is not favorable for many applications because, very large number of message passes needed for replica management process. In our previous work [1], an efficient technique for GRM is devised and analysis elucidate that the efficiency can be improved to some extend using Distributed Spanning Tree (DST) as interconnection structure. In this paper, we make use of Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) technique is to enhance the efficiency of GRM at higher level. Analysis from simulation of our proposed work shows that efficiency of GRM using DST can be much improved by optimizing network with ACO technique.


Keywords: distributed spanning tree; replica management; peer network;Ant Colony Optimization;OMNeT++

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