Smart Cities – The Future of World

Rishabh Khanna, Harneet Kaur


With the flourishing and advancing part of IoT and Cloud Computing, smart cities are becoming an emerging standard, having ubiquitous sensing, high level wireless network infrastructure, consisting of intelligent information processing and control systems. Smart city systems can monitor the real world and real time, and are able to provide smart services and solutions to local residents and travellers in terms of entertainment, healthcare, energy and transportation. But security and privacy concerns are still there as Smart city systems collect a wide range of sensitive data which is directly proportional to the privacy of people. Here in this paper, we have firstly introduced about the key ideas for upcoming enhancements for smart cities and their data management strategies. After that we have discussed many security and privacy challenges while applying for these applications in real world. Mainly, here in we have pointed out some technologies and key ideas which can be researched and implemented in the coming future.


M2M (Machine-to-Machine), H2M (Human-to-Machine), D2D (Device-to-Device), GPS (Global Positioning System), Raspberry PI, DOS attack, Mobility, Smartness, DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service)

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