Crack Detection and Parameters Estimation on Road Images: Review

Er. Harjit Kaur, Er. Rajandeep Kaur


Roads act as a bridge for the persons to reach their destination. If a person wants to reach their destination then it can be done with the help of roads. Hence roads are the medium which is constantly used by the persons. The thing that is constantly used gets deteriorates easily and cracks come on it. To detect and measure that cracks some system is needed.If these cracks are detected by the human beings, then it will consume time.But if these cracks are detected with the help of some computerized system, then it will take less time. So this paper contains the information regarding the techniques that is used for detection and classification of the cracks on the road images. This detection and classification is done in MATLAB tool with the help of digital image processing techniques.


detection, deteriorate, classification, digital image processing, cracks

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