Implementation of Enhanced E-Learning in Cloud Environment using MVC Architecture

Sindhu Bharathi A, Senthilkumar T, Valarmathi A, Nalini S


Education is a necessary human virtue and essential for society. The effective way of teaching gives the quality of education. Information Technology plays a significant role in field of education by providing the advance learning techniques such as E-Learning and M-Learning. The advent of computers with sophisticated software has made it possible to solve many complex problems very fast and at a lower cost. The Cloud Computing environment rises swiftly as a natural platform to provide support to E-Learning systems. The Model-View-Controller design pattern is cited as the architectural basis for many web development frameworks. The MVC architecture is the key in providing an efficient web development framework. This paper aims to develop a web application framework for e-leaning in cloud environment by implementing MVC architecture and to display the progress of the enrolled users in E-Learning courses and projects to meet the effective requirements.


e-learning; model-view-controller (MVC architecture); cloud computing; Spring; Hibernate

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