A Novel Approach for Providing Security in Vehicular Adhoc Network Through Vehicles Present in the Network

Sumitkumar Singh, Vijayan .R


Infrastructure based Vehicular ad hoc network has indeed increased the efficiency and accuracy of the network but at the same time it
has also increased the cost required for the setup of such network. Therefore there exist needs wherein the nodes within the network itself
provide security features hence eliminating the need for setting up of an expensive network. In this paper we have proposed a novel approach
wherein the nodes itself can act as a central authority which will provide requesting nodes with public and private key. To improve the
performance and at the same time to enhance the security and to provide confidentiality and integrity we have proposed the use of Signcryption
[1, 2]. In order to take the performance of the network to next level we have proposed the use of improved Signcryption [2]. Providing improved
Signcryption through nodes present within the network are the main focus of this paper.


Keywords: Signcryption, Current Coverage Area (CCA), CA node, Single hop Transmission, Multi hop transmission

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v2i1.350


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