A Comparative Analysis of Min-Min and Max-Min Algorithms based on the Makespan Parameter

Neha Sharma, Dr. sanjay tyagi, Swati Atri


In today’s computational environment, cloud computing has grown up as a utility. With increase in number of resource requests, there is a need for efficient resource allocation mechanism which aims at proper utilization of resources. Therefore in order to process these requests by making use of the available resources, an efficient task scheduling algorithm is required. An efficient task scheduling mechanism should be able to minimize completion time, maximize resource utilization and minimize makespan etc. Based on the efficiency metrics or parameters there are numerous type of existing scheduling algorithms but there is no such algorithm so far which can optimize all these parameters simultaneously, as each scheduling algorithm works on some particular parameter and tries to optimize it only. In this paper, two heuristic based algorithms: Min-Min and Max-Min have been described, simulated on CloudSim and then comparison based analysis has been done by taking makespan parameter into consideration.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Heuristic Algorithm, Max-Min Algorithm, Metatask, Min-Min Algorithm, Task Scheduling.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v8i3.3151


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