Cloud and Biometrics: The Future of Authentication

Syed Luqman Quadri, Areeba Kazim, Aditya Aditya


Technologies to provide security to this hi-tech world are the most promising thing now days. We usually hear about flaws and crimes due to password leakage PIN theft etc. With the numerous passwords one has to remember in order to authenticate her, they are often forgotten, misplaced or stolen. As there is a problem there must be a way to wave out those problems. There should be some methodology that can identify each human individually, and the bio-metrics is the one. Bio-metrics is the branch of science that deals with study of human physical and behavioural characteristics like fingerprint, iris scan, face recognition, voice recognition, DNA etc. We are so much concerned about the security that we are using this authentication purposes in banking sector, airports security, online authentication and more. As most of the organizations (governments and NGOs) are moving towards bio-metric based authentication, a huge amount of bio-metric data is to be stored and handled. And here comes the big word “Cloud”. We use cloud computing to store and process these huge amounts of data. Cloud computing is the ability to utilize the immense power of distributed storage and computation. Citizen of one country can go to another country and she may use the services there by authenticating herself using bio-metrics. This is a great advantage of using cloud computing for bio-metrics. We are using various technologies of cloud computing and bio-metrics together for better performance of the authentication system.

Keywords: Cloud computing, Biometric, Biometric Authentication as a Service, SaaS

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