Substitutive Wavelet Based Image Fusion using Improved Nonlinear IHS Transform

Mahesh P. Chakkarwar, Prof. A. V. Deorankar, Prof.Vrushali A. Chakkarwar


Satellite with different sensors generates images with different characteristics such as, images with spatial resolution such as panchromatic (PAN) images and images with high spectral resolution such as multispectral (MS) images. But for feature extraction, land cover analysis etc. requires images with high spatial and spectral characteristics. Several image fusion methods have been discovered, but each of the methods generates gamut problem. In this paper gamut problem is analyzed visually, a new model improved nonlinear IHS model is used to solve the gamut problem. This model solves gamut problem occurred during image fusion. While image fusion using improved nonlinear IHS transformation, it shows good special resolution but spectral quality deviates from its original colors. The color distortion occurs due to the large intensity differences between PAN and MS image. This paper solves color distortion, by injecting special information from the PAN image into MS image instead of directly replacing intensity. This paper solves color distortion by using substitutive wavelet based image fusion.

Keywords: Image Fusion; wavelet; substitution; IHS.

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