Multiple Direct Data Domain Genetic Algorithm Beamforming Approach to Space Time Adaptive Processing Using Real Array Elements

Mohamed M. Hassan, Hassan M. Elkamchouchi


This study presents a new multiple direct data domain genetic algorithm beamforming approach to space time adaptive processing using real array elements. Using this new genetic-algorithm-based approach, multiple signals of interest could be handled at the same time. The proposed approach performance will be tested using uniformly spaced real antenna array elements. Hence, received signals by array elements are affected by mutual coupling. The method of moments is used to estimate these mutual coupling effects. Then, the transformation matrix method is used to compensate for these undesired effects. The matrix pencil method is used to estimate the directions of arrival of all coming signals. Finally, the genetic algorithm is used for array multiple beamforming. Numerical examples are used to demonstrate the efficient capability of formed beam patterns to reconstruct more than one signal of interest.

Keywords: Adaptive antennas; mutual coupling; matrix pencil; genetic algorithms; method of moments

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